Beatrice Fleischlin

Beatrice Fleischlin creates contemporary theatre works in the independent scene, often in collaboration with the artists. These collaborations move her to constantly explore her own means – a process that created very different works.

After a personal crisis in her late thirties she realized that a life defined by projects and successes would eventually push her into a spiral of crises of meaning and isolation. Thus she cultivated a “social reality” in her private life and in her role as an artistic director of projects. This means she tries to recognize and encourage the (even unrelated to the work) interests of her colleagues and if possible integrate them into the working process.

Fleischlin also plays in works of colleagues and works in supportive positions. Among others in works by Andreas Liebmann, Antje Schupp, the helium x collective, Nina Langensand, I-fen Lin and Monika Truong. Together with Nicolas Galeazzi and Andreas Liebmann she is part of the collective GASTSTUBE°.

She continually works with Anja Meser as part of the label of Fleischlin/meser, under which they leischlin/meser combine research on political/social topics with fragments from the pop business to create artistic-social events, which usually take place in a stage space.

2021 Fleischlin/meser was awarded the swiss performing art award by the Federal Office of Culture.