What we do

produktionsDOCK is a freelance production office for contemporary dance, theater and performance in Basel.

Who we are

produktionsDOCK was founded on the initiative of long-time freelance production managers Larissa Bizer, Christiane Dankbar, Bernhard la Dous and Franziska Schmidt in January 2017. Larissa Bizer worked as production manager at produktionsDOCK until 2018 and Christiane Dankbar until 2019. Eva Kern supervised Tümay Kilincel’s projects in 2019 to 2020 as well as assisted with other projects. Laura Ritzenfeld is currently working on projects in the Lucerne area with the support of produktionsDOCK. Currently, produktionsDOCK consists of Alexandra Adler, Bernhard la Dous, Elena Conradt and Regula Schelling. Employed by produktionsDOCK are Annina Birrer, who is completing a traineeship until the end of June 2021, and Helena Krauser, who has been taking care of communications since 2018. Eleni Foskett-Prelorentzos and Franziska Schmidt (as operating committee) continue to accompany produktionsDOCK.

Our goals

produktionsDOCK creates synergies by merging into a consortium and aims to build a professional and sustainable production structure in the Basel area. We strive for the transfer of knowledge among cultural professionals and perspectives for young talent.
Our services
produktionsDOCK supports artists mainly from the Basel area from the initial idea of a project to its completion – in content conception, financing, organization, public relations and diffusion. On request, we offer personal consultations.
Promotion of young talent
produktionsDOCK schafft im Sinne der Nachwuchsbildung mittels einer einjährigen Volontariatsstelle die Möglichkeit, erste berufliche Erfahrungen im Bereich der Produktionsleitung zu sammeln.
produktionsDOCK is supported by the association Produktionsbüro Basel. Board members: Laura Manz (President / MLaw, Advocate), Katrin Huber (Communication Specialist) and Boris Nikitin (Freelance Artist and Head of Dokumentartage Basel), Franziska Schmidt (Production Manager), Eleni Foskett-Prelorentzos (Management Team neuestheater.ch from 2021).
produktionsDOCK is supported in financing the volunteer position and the infrastructure costs by the Presidential Department of Basel, Department of Culture, and the Ernst Göhner Foundation supports our consulting services.

Alexandra Adler

*1986 in Grevesmühlen. Studied applied cultural studies in Lüneburg. She was exhibition curator and coordinator at HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel) from 2014 to 2017. Since then, she has been active as a cultural worker in various fields: She develops and takes over guided tours on contemporary art (LISTE Art Fair, Museum Tinguely), was co-director of the office of the Atelierhaus Verein flatterschafft and is co-managing director of the Verein Stellwerk. In 2018, she took over as head of communications for Theaterfestival Basel and since 2019 has been doing press and public relations for Polyfon Festival Basel (formerly Open Air Basel). Since 2017 she is part of the honorary board at Ausstellungsraum Klingental, in 2020 she will take over the co-conception of the talk format 9×9 Speaking Corner at DOCK Basel and is part of produktionsDOCK as a freelance production manager for theater and performance projects.





Annina Birrer

*1992 in Buckten. From 2012- 2017 studies in social sciences and sustainable development at the University of Bern. She completed her research internship at Urban Agriculture Basel with a thematic focus on sustainable association management in the non-profit sector. After a stay at the University of Stockholm, where she studied environmental policy, she started an internship at the office of the Stellwerk association in summer 2019 and subsequently took over the co-management as a substitute. Since August 2020, she has filled the volunteer position at produktionsDOCK and works part-time at Basel’s kult.kinos.



Bernhard la Dous

*1981 in Munich, grew up in Lörrach, studied Applied Theater Studies (B.A. and M.A.) at Justus Liebig University Giessen from 2007-2012.
He is a founding member of produktionsDOCK and has worked as production manager for vorschlag:hammer, yuri500, Antje Schupp, Barbara Ellenberger and Beatrice Fleischlin.
In 2019 he took over the interim project management for the Fuel Festival Basel, for 2021 the takes over the production management of the Swiss Dance Days in Basel. Since 2020 he is active with the regional group t. Basel. Since 2011 he has also worked as a sound designer for Corinne Maier, yuri500, Stephan Stock, Monstertruck, Lukas, vorschlag:hammer, Susanne Zaun, Sylvia Sobottka and Rose Beermann/Iva Shvestarova, among others.



Boris Nikitin

Barbara Ellenberger



Elena Conradt

*1995 in Basel. After her Matura at the Wirtschaftsgymnasium Basel she was employed as production assistant at the association stranger in company. As an assistant she worked on many productions as production management assistant (e.g. “Together” by Marcel Schwald, “Im Bau” by Lorenz Nufer, “Princess & Terrorist” by Zino Wey). From 2015 – 2016 she was a permanent ensemble member of the Goetheanum Stage in Dornach. Since August 2017 she is part of the freelance production office produktionsDOCK in Basel and works as a freelance production manager for Beatrice Fleischlin, Stephan Stock and Corinne Maier, among others. Since September 2018, she has been an honorary member of the JKF board.


Beatrice Fleischlin


Corinne Maier

Theater der Peinlichkeit



Eleni Foskett-Prelorentzos

*1986 in Stuttgart. 2006 Graduation as graphic designer in Stuttgart. 2011 Bachelor of Arts in Freiburg (D) in communication, focus on cultural management. 2011-2017 employed in the artistic operations office of the Goetheanum Stage…. Co-founder Junge Bühne Arlesheim 2014; since then working as production manager. 2018 Assistant director for “Der Prozess” by Medien- und Theaterfalle Basel, directed by Ruth Widmer, Sarah Gärtner. Since December 2018 she is part of the team of Johanna Schwarz and Georg Darvas as production manager and PR at neuestheater.ch. In 2019 she worked as a freelance production manager with Patricia Nocon and “Volk & Glory”.



Franziska Schmidt

*1985 in Leipzig. Studied European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam and Cultural Management at the University of Basel. 2006 – 2011 she worked as communication and production manager for CULTURESCAPES. She worked at Musikfestival Bern (production management) and Mirafilm GmbH (production assistance), wildwuchs 2013 (management) and Kunsthaus Baselland (management & PR assistance). Since 2014 – 2019 she has worked as a freelance production manager for Marcel Schwald, Lorenz Nufer and Zino Wey, among others. Since 2019 she is production manager and assistant director at Kaserne Basel.


Laila Soliman

Antje Schupp

Jeremy Nedd



Helena Krauser

*1993 in Lauf an der Pegnitz. Studied German language and literature and art history at the University of Basel. During her studies, she worked in various editorial offices and publishing houses, was a member of Voyeure Basel, completed internships at Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zurich, among others, and was a production assistant at ForumMusikDiversität. Since October 2019, she has been an editor at bz – Zeitung für die Region Basel. At produktionsDOCK she is responsible for communication.



Laura Ritzenfeld

*1993 in Vienna. Studied theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna in 2014-2017 and interned at Theater in der Josefstadt. From 2017-2018 she was part of the Neubad Luzern team. There, as assistant of events, she was mainly responsible for communication and public relations as well as the planning and realization of various events. In 2019, she took on dramaturgical and organizational tasks for the production “Ê KÔ DÔ – mon âme” by and with Maja Bader. Since 2019, she has been working as a freelance production manager, collaborating with I-Fen Lin and others. She writes as a freelance author for various cultural magazines in Vienna and Lucerne.


I-Fen Lin



Regula Schelling

*1992 in Winterthur. Studied theater/dance studies and German studies at the University of Bern 2012-2018 and worked as an assistant to Prof. Dr. Christina Thurner. She completed internships at Schauspielhaus Zurich, Junges Theater Solothurn, intercultural MAXIM Theater Zurich and Goethe Institute Bucharest as well as assistant director in various youth theater projects. In 2018 and 2019 she worked in the operations office of the theater festival auawirleben Bern. In 2018 co-founded and since then co-directed Theater Süd in Basel. Since August 2019 she is part of produktionsDOCK and works as production manager with Ariane Andereggen, Kihako Narisawa and Keshava / Tharayil, among others.



Ariane Andereggen

Kihako Narisawa

Patricia Nocon

Jeremy Nedd