What we do

produktionsDOCK is a freelance production office for contemporary dance, theater and performance in Basel.


Who we are

produktionsDOCK was founded on the initiative of long-time freelance production managers Larissa Bizer, Christiane Dankbar, Bernhard la Dous and Franziska Schmidt in January 2017. Larissa Bizer worked as production manager at produktionsDOCK until 2018 and Christiane Dankbar until 2019. Eva Kern supervised Tümay Kilincel’s projects in 2019 to 2020 as well as assisted with other projects. Alexandra Adler joined produktionsDOCK from 2019 until 2021 and workes as production manager in different projects. Laura Ritzenfeld is currently working on projects in the Lucerne area with the support of produktionsDOCK. Currently, produktionsDOCK consists Bernhard la Dous, Annina Birrer, Juliana Simonetti and Regula Schelling. Employed by produktionsDOCK are Salome Rodríguez Bär, who is completing a traineeship until the end of June 2023, and Charlotte Holstein, who has been supporting the team as an aprentice. Eleni Foskett-Prelorentzos and Franziska Schmidt (as operating committee) continue to accompany produktionsDOCK.


Our goals

produktionsDOCK creates synergies by merging into a consortium and aims to build a professional and sustainable production structure in the Basel area. We strive for the transfer of knowledge among cultural professionals and perspectives for young talent.


Our services

produktionsDOCK supports artists mainly from the Basel area from the initial idea of a project to its completion – in content conception, financing, organization, public relations and diffusion. On request, we offer personal consultations.


Promotion of young talent

As a means to promote young talent produktionsDOCK offers a year-long traineeship position in order to facilitate first professional experience as a production manager.



produktionsDOCK is supported by the association Produktionsbüro Basel. Board members: Laura Manz (President / MLaw, Advocate), Katrin Huber (Communication Specialist) and Boris Nikitin (Freelance Artist and Head of Dokumentartage Basel), Franziska Schmidt (Production Manager), Eleni Foskett-Prelorentzos (Management Team neuestheater.ch from 2021).
produktionsDOCK is supported in financing the volunteer position and the infrastructure costs by the Presidential Department of Basel, Department of Culture. The Ernst Göhner Foundation supports our consulting services and the GGG Basel supports our KV apprenticeship.

Annina Birrer

*1992 in Buckten. Studied social sciences and environmental policy at the University of Bern and Stockholm University. After an internship and subsequent co-management in representation at Stellwerk – Verein für Kreativwirtschaft Basel, she occupied the trainee position at the independent production management office produktionsDOCK from August -June 2020 and has since worked as a production manager for Tümay Kılınçel, GKW, Leonie Graf & Antje Schupp, among others.


GKW – Gilliéron / Koch / Wey

Tümay Kılınçel

Antje Schupp



Bernhard la Dous

*1981 in Munich, grew up in Lörrach, studied Applied Theater Studies (B.A. and M.A.) at Justus Liebig University Giessen from 2007-2012.
He is a founding member of produktionsDOCK and has worked as production manager for vorschlag:hammer, yuri500, Antje Schupp, Barbara Ellenberger and Beatrice Fleischlin.
In 2019 he took over the interim project management for the Fuel Festival Basel, for 2021 the takes over the production management of the Swiss Dance Days in Basel. Since 2020 he is active with the regional group t. Basel. Since 2011 he has also worked as a sound designer for Corinne Maier, yuri500, Stephan Stock, Monstertruck, Lukas, vorschlag:hammer, Susanne Zaun, Sylvia Sobottka and Rose Beermann/Iva Shvestarova, among others.



Boris Nikitin

Barbara Ellenberger



Charlotte Holstein

*2000 in Leipzig, grew up in Sedrun and Tamins in Graubünden, started studying English and art history in Basel in 2018. In 2019, she was employed as an operations office intern at the Kaserne Basel and has since been freelancing there for the box office and admissions. She was a communications assistant for the Theaterfestival Basel 2020 and joined produktionsDOCK as a KV trainee in August 2021.



Juliana Simonetti

*1980 in Sorocaba, Brazil. Studied “Social Communication – Journalism” and “History and Theories of Art – Modern and Postmodern” at the State University of Londrina, Brazil, 2001-2006. She completed an internship at the Londrina Museum of Art. In 2008-2018, she worked as cultural editor of the newspaper Cruzeiro do Sul, Sorocaba. She has published two books: Poiesis – Six Artists from Londrina (2005) and Travessia: Reportage on the Wilderness of Guimarães Rosa (2010). She came to Basel in September 2019 and worked as an artist* host at Theaterfestival Basel in 2020. Since August 2021 she is part of the produktionsDOCK team as a volunteer.




Franziska Schmidt

*1985 in Leipzig. Studied European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam and Arts Management at the University of Basel. 2006 – 2011 she worked as communication and production manager for CULTURESCAPES. She worked at the Bern Music Festival (production management) and at Mirafilm GmbH (production assistance), at wildwuchs 2013 (management) and at Kunsthaus Baselland (management & PR assistance). Since 2014 she has worked as production manager, since 2020 mainly for Alexandra Bachzetsis. Since 2019 she is production manager and assistant director at Kaserne Basel and for Theaterfestival Basel.



Alexandra Bachzetsis

Laila Soliman

Antje Schupp

Jeremy Nedd




Regula Schelling

*1992 in Winterthur. Studied theater/dance studies and German studies at the University of Bern 2012-2018 and worked as an assistant to Prof. Dr. Christina Thurner. She completed internships at Schauspielhaus Zurich, Junges Theater Solothurn, intercultural MAXIM Theater Zurich and Goethe Institute Bucharest as well as assistant director in various youth theater projects. In 2018 and 2019 she worked in the operations office of the theater festival auawirleben Bern. In 2018 co-founded and since then co-directed Theater Süd in Basel. Since August 2019 she is part of produktionsDOCK and works as production manager with Ariane Andereggen, Kihako Narisawa and Keshava / Tharayil, among others.



Ariane Andereggen

Kihako Narisawa

Patricia Nocon

Jeremy Nedd



Salome Rodríguez Bär

*1995 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivien, grew up both in Switzerland and Peru. Studied Spanish Linguistics and Literature and World Literature at the University of Bern. In 2022 she was an assistant director and a communications assistant for «Wallmapu ex situ: Terrirorio expandido», as well as an assistant for the exposition «Solo-Alone-in Solitude». She now occupies the trainee position at produktionsDOCK while simultaneously doing an internship at the Schlachthaus Theatre in Bern.