Consultations and working spaces


And don’t forget: Starting from August, we’ll be offering again free consultations and working places in our new office at Schanzenstrasse 13. Just write us an email if your questions regarding are piling up or if you have a vision for a new project that now has to materialize. More infos will follow in August.

New: we’re running a material/technical pool


The rules:

You’re looking for material that you don’t want to buy new? You check on the pdf list below whether what you’re looking for is already in the pool, you contact the mentioned contact person and you make a deal directly with the person who owns it.


You have material collecting dust in your basement or you just had to buy something new for your latest production? Write us an email and we add your item to the list. Requests for your item will be redirected to you and you can make an agreement directly with the person interested.





What do artists* do in lockdown – here you find the video archive…

In the podcast ABBRUCH – UMBRUCH – AUFBRUCH, Susanne Affolter talks to artists and freelance cultural practitioners about their thoughts in April 2020.



Florian Bach, visual artist and lighting designer

Beat Man, musician and label owner

Sonja Feldmeier, visual artist

Chrigl Fisch, author and music producer

Phil Hayes, theatre maker, director and musician

Uwe Heinrichs, artistic director of the Kurtheater Baden

Meret Hottinger, actress and director

Matto Kämpf, author and comedian

Arianne Koch, author and artist

LB, Lang/Baumann, visual artists

Chris Leuenberger, dancer and choreographer

Muda Matthis, artist and member of les reines prochaines

Bitten Stetter, designer and trend researcher

Marc Streit, dance dramaturg and founder of the dance festival Zurich moves


Music: Windsurfer (Patrik Hollenstein, Jonas Zollinger)

Pau Todo, copywriter, creative director

Anna Wohlgemut, stage designer

Information on COVID support measures

t.punkt Switzerland offers here a good overview of all the support measures for reelance or independent artists and constantly updates here about the current political developments regarding COVID-19 support.