Marcel Schwald

Marcel Schwald works as a director, dramaturg and writer in Switzerland, and currently also in Greece and India. He is active in the fields of theatre, dance and performance art.


In his work, he mixes practices of theatre, performance art, community work, journalism and sociology. Besides a strong collaborative aspect, Marcel Schwald’s pieces often question some of the predominant eurocentric/western narratives in the social, political and aesthetic discourse and try to formulate different proposals considering the interrelations in a globalized world. The material for this can be an avant-garde novel, telling a western migration story such as Gertrude Stein’s THE MAKING OF AMERICANS, as well as narratives of transgender identity in India, like in EF_FEMININITY.


Previous works by Schwald have been presented in Switzerland, Europe and Asia. As a writer in residency at the State Theatre of Bern, he published the play JE VEUX MOURIR SUR SCÈNE, which he also directed himself. His more recent production KREUTZBERG, a collaboration with choreographer Chris Leuenberger, was awarded with the Swiss Culture Award „Tanzerbe Schweiz“ in 2014 and opened the season 2015/16 at Dampfzentrale Bern.


At the moment Marcel Schwald is obtainig a Certificate of Advanced Studies in „Arts and International Cooperation“ at Zurich University. He’s a team-member of Kaskadenkondensator Basel, an artist-run gallery space with a focus on performance art.