Anan Fries

Anna FriesAnna Fries

Anan Fries is a performing artist living in Basel and Berlin. She is a founding member and has long been artistic director of the game theater collective machina eX, which specializes in interactive experiences based on game logic and whose games have toured in Europe and the US. In addition, Anan Fries is part of Henrike Iglesias, a feminist collective with a strong love for pop and politics. Henrike’s live-Porn OH MY was last seen at the FIBA Festival 2020 in Buenos Aires and the interactive performance show UNDER PRESSURE at the Stages Unboxed Showcase from Theatertreffen 2021. Anan Fries was a participant in the postgraduate program DASTheatre at AHK Amsterdam in 2019/2020. Currently they are working together with Malu Peeters on VIRTUAL WOMBS, a project dedicated to the fusion of live performance and VR.