In recent months, we have developed a broad public and mostly free offer. Thus, we are no longer only there for the artists with whom we work on a long-term basis, but also open our service offer to all other cultural workers in the Basel area.

We offer


Free consultations

Everey Tuesday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

We are happy to help you with questions about the first steps of your own production, the application, project accounting, dossier preparation, budget preparation, funding applications and also about any questions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as compensation for losses and applications for emergency aid.

This should not only be a one-off consultation, but should create the possibility for artists and (inexperienced) production managers to work continuously on their concepts, fundraising, administration and accounting with our support.

Please contact us beforehand via E-Mail


We have rented a separate office room in our office at Schanzenstrasse, which we make available to people engaged in the cultural sector on an hourly basis and free of charge.

Our infrastructure (printer, coffee kitchen, WC etc.) can be shared.

Material Sharing

Not every production has to buy a new fog machine and another green screen, therefore we have created a virtual material sharing where the equipment can be entered and rented.

The list with the devices and the contact details of the owners can be found here

Storage Space Rental

In order to deposit stage sets and technical material for shorter time periods, we make our warehouse in the Gundeli available. For a small fee, the available space can be used by everyone.

If you are interested please contact

Flat Rental

In our artist apartment at Voltaplatz external artists can stay overnight during production stays in Basel.

It is a very affordable rental offer plus cleaning for a 1-room apartment on the first floor. Accessible via about 10 steps. Own toilet in the corridor.

If you are interested please contact